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Event is a gatherings of people.Event has many types:

  • Ceremony: An event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion
  • Convention: A gathering of individuals engaged in some common interest.
  • Festival: An event that celebrates some unique aspect of a community.

In Events section there are four tabs :

My Profile:

This tab shows summaries of Events. All “events”, “My events”, “Events I’m Attending”. The short information about all the mention events will be provided for user.

Events I’m Attending:

This tab shows list of all the events which the user is attending.

My Events:

This tab shows list of all those events which were created by the user. This section has a search field in which the user will search an event. There is also a section which counts the number of “Upcoming” and “Past Events”. These two fields only show the number of events. There is also a button

“Add new”. Click on this button to add new event.

After clicked on the “Add new” button a new page will be appeared. This page consists of the following fields:

  • Event Name: This section used for to add name of the event.
  • When: Enter the start and end date of event.
  • Event starts at: Enter starting and ending time.
  • Where: Enter location where the event will be placed in. Its consists of  location name, Address,City name, Country etc.
  • Details:In “Details” section is divided into two sub categories.

              Add Media: Clicked on the “Add media” button new window will be appeared.Click on the “Select Your File” button in Upload

tab or drag & drops your file on “Drag your file here”. The user can also search file from media library.

Text Area: Here the user put some text about the event or some information about the event.

  •   Event Image: In the section the user can upload an image about the event. Click on the “Browse”  button to browse images of event.
  • Enable registration for this event: Click on this check box to enable registration.

Click on “Submit Event “ button to save Event.

My Location:

My location has same story like my event. See the above information.

My Event Bookings:

In this tab the user can search out his events.  This page consists of two sections where  users searched events.

  1. Recent Bookings: In this section the right side of page consist two icon button. One is “document icon” and other is “Setting icon“. This section also consists of  form which shows information about the events according to the data which the user wants to search. This form consists of the following field.
  •      Post Event: This is a drop down button which consists of many values like “All Event”, “future events”, “past events”,                                                                             “tomorrow events” and much more like this.
  •      Row: This tab is used for selecting number of rows that the user wants to shows.
  •       Status : This tab is used for shown which events like “Confirmed Events”,”pending”, “Rejected” etc.

click on the “Filter” button to show record according to the above selected fields.

2. Events With Bookings Enabled: In this section  user search out the enabled events. this section consists of two fields . the drop-down and “Filter” button.

drop down: Consist of three values “past events”,”Future events” and “all events”.

Filter button: Click on “Filter” button to search data.